Personal Coaching for Business Leaders

At directionGROWTH, we offer personal leadership coaching tailored to the needs of business leaders. Our unique approach acknowledges the importance of emotional intelligence and the inseparability of the personal/professional aspects of a leader's life.

Identify What Drives You

Find out what brings you joy and what obstacles stand in your way to enhanced fulfillment and satisfaction. Our coaching process is one of discovery. We provide executives the space to focus on both their professional and personal success.

This newfound awareness aids in decision-making, defining personal and professional success factors, and enhances overall satisfaction.

Optimize Individual Potential

Knowing that leaders who cultivate their best selves deliver higher ROI and achieve greater overall satisfaction, we support each individual's potential.

Our personal coaching approach benefits include improved confidence, heightened self-esteem, increased motivation, removal of potential barriers, clarity on current and future states, structured growth, and positive transformation of attitudes and behaviors.

Learn to Focus Equally on Personal Needs

We understand that leaders bring their whole selves to their roles. Job satisfaction, therefore, deeply affects personal life quality, and vice versa. When leaders cater to their personal needs, they are better equipped to meet the needs of the organization.