Undergo Assessment and Identify Coaching Pivot

1. MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Assessment:

Discover Your Leadership Personality
Unveil the secrets of your personality with the renowned MBTI assessment. Gain a deeper understanding of how your unique personality traits shape your leadership style. This assessment illuminates your communication preferences, decision-making processes, and teamwork dynamics, offering invaluable insights for leadership development.
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2. Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment:

Elevate Your Leadership With Emotional Intelligence
Enhance your leadership prowess with the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment. Delve into the depths of your emotional strengths and areas ripe for growth. Foster self-awareness, empathy, and the art of managing relationships—cornerstones of influential leadership in our interconnected world.
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3. TKI (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument) Assessment:

Master Conflict Resolution in Leadership
Handle conflicts like a seasoned leader using the TKI assessment. Identify your preferred conflict resolution style and learn how to adapt it to different situations. Fortify your leadership by fostering collaboration and minimizing workplace disputes.
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4. Leadership Vital Signs Assessment:

Ignite Your Leadership Potential
Uncover the vital signs of your leadership journey with our custom Leadership Vital Signs assessment. Gain profound insights into your leadership strengths and opportunities. Harness these insights to chart a path to exceptional leadership, inspiring others along the way.
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5. Team Vital Signs Assessment:

Forge High-Performing Teams
Construct unified, high-performing teams with the Team Vital Signs assessment. Explore the values and dynamics of your team members, unraveling the threads that weave your team together. Capitalize on the collective strengths of your team to achieve extraordinary results in your leadership odyssey.
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6. Organizational Vital Signs Assessment:

Shape a Values-Driven Culture
Nurture a culture rooted in purpose and alignment with the Organizational Vital Signs assessment. Unearth and assess the fundamental values steering your organization's mission. Bolster leadership at every level by embedding these values deep within your organizational fabric.
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7. DiSC Personality Assessment:

Tailor Your Leadership Approach
Refine your leadership style to resonate with individuals and teams using the DiSC Personality Assessment. Unearth your dominant behavioral traits and learn how to adapt your approach to motivate, communicate, and lead a diverse workforce effectively.
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Limitless Potential Guided Exploration

At direction:GROWTH, we offer a comprehensive suite of assessment services, each a powerful tool designed to elevate your self-awareness, hone your leadership skills, and drive transformative results in your personal and professional leadership voyage.
Unlock your leadership potential today by exploring our assessment services. Reach out to us to embark on your journey toward becoming a more influential and impactful leader.