Performance and Growth-Oriented Leadership Coaching

At directionGROWTH, we specialize in leadership coaching that centers on performance and growth. Our approach is to gain a profound understanding of the challenges and goals from both the business and individual's point of view.

This enables us to pinpoint the real catalysts for success, performance, and growth. By simplifying the role of leaders, we make improved performance achievable for all.

Exceptional Leaders Can Be Developed

Our coaching approach applies to leaders at all levels, enhancing existing competence, and cultivating awareness and skills to shape a more well-rounded leader.

Through the use of various tools, we identify desired areas of growth and develop a program designed to engage each individual in a way that ensures learning is retained, practical, and relevant.

Our leadership programs range from modular, competency-based courses and full-day workshops to ongoing, one-on-one coaching.

Motivate Competent Leaders

Today's leaders need to balance operational tasks with abstract ones, such as enabling individuals to positively influence others' performance or developing competence to manage change and new situations.

We make sure that learning is swiftly applicable and has a tangible impact on leadership performance. Our leadership program provides a comprehensive audit of your current leaders, examining their style and capability, and identifying their development needs.

Focus on Key Objectives Guided Exploration

Boost commitment to the organization and its goals, improve job satisfaction, and enhance working relationships with clients, direct reports, supervisors, and peers.

At the same time, expand your leaders' emotional intelligence, improve communication skills, and increase their capability to initiate change.