Who We Are

direction:GROWTH helps organizations grow and succeed by enhancing the performance of teams and individuals. We work with leaders at all levels of the organization to build competency and promote development; and with teams, to improve collaboration and communication that help to improve team performance. Our pragmatic, no-nonsense approach results in real business benefits.

Taking the time to understand your key issues — your goals, you values, your strengths and your areas for growth — means we tailor our approach to align with your needs.

Our overall objective is to help clients build on successes and strengths as a leader and help them identify, develop, and implement the skills, mindset, behaviors and action steps necessary for next-level success and GROWTH!

Our Philiosophy

At direction:GROWTH, we know that with guided exploration comes greater awareness and increased, better choices. From these, leaders can design actions that create enhanced focus and promote growth.

Our approach ensures that we engage people effectively and that learning is retained, practical and relevant.

Debbie Lis

Debbie is the Principal at direction:GROWTH. She has partnered with a diverse range of organizations to create leadership development and team-building programs that enhance organizational performance and create cultural change.

Specializing in developing leaders, Debbie works with individuals and teams to help them develop the skills to take control of where they are going and who they want to be. She coaches them to lead themselves and others. She brings her unbridled energy, curiosity, compassion and humor to the coaching conversation and is recognized by her clients for helping them to make powerful changes leading to new levels of excellence and greater satisfaction.

Debbie brings 15 years of experience as a business leader with a background in marketing and advertising for leading organization such as Coca-Cola, Labatt, and Bell. She holds a B.Comm from McGill University, Faculty of Management and has advanced training in team coaching.

Debbie has been a leadership coach to executives and helped them build, hone, and craft leadership skills ranging from team-building and influencing people, to managing others and succession planning. Her passion for the potential of leadership development is endless.

Debbie Lis, BComm, ACC, is a professional coach, certified through the Adler School of Professional Coaching, University of Toronto/OISE, and the International Coaching Federation.

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