Personal Coaching

Our Approach

direction:GROWTH’s approach to personal coaching for business executives recognizes the human side of the business leader. We focus on the identification of what drives us, what makes us happy, and what really gets in the way, resulting in greater fulfillment and increased satisfaction.

Our Offering

direction:GROWTH’s approach is about discovery. Executives are given the opportunity to focus on themselves — BOTH their professional and personal success. This new awareness facilitates decision-making, clarifies personal and professional success factors and improves an overall sense of satisfaction.

Our Impact

While executives attempt to leave their personal lives at home, the reality is that they bring their whole-person to the job – whether they like it or not! Job satisfaction can have tremendous impact on happiness at home and satisfaction at home directly impacts performance on the job. And believing that leaders can completely separate the two is simply misguided.

We know that when leaders learn to look after their personal needs, they are better equipped to look after the needs of the organization. In order to maximize each individual’s potential contribution, organizations must support each individual’s potential.

direction:GROWTH believes that leaders that explore, develop and hone their best-selves, ultimately deliver greater ROI to the organization and achieve greater overall satisfaction.


• Improves confidence, self-esteem, belief in self, and self-awareness

• Increases motivation and self-confidence enabling greater focus and at home and
at work

• Removes barriers to achieving your full potential

• Promotes clarity around where you are now to where you want to be

• Provides structure for growth, and encourages capacity for change

• Improves skills and capabilities through positive transformation of attitudes and behavior

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