Leadership Coaching

Our Approach

direction:GROWTH. We demystify the role of leaders, making improved performance accessible to all.

Our Offering

Relevant to all leaders, our approach builds and expands on existing competencies, developing awareness and skills in order to create a more rounded leader. Through the use of various tools, we identify desired areas of growth; we then develop a program designed to engage each individual in a way that ensures that learning is retained, practical and relevant.

Our direction:GROWTH leadership offerings range from modular, competency-based programs and full-day workshops to on-going, one-on-one coaching.

Our Impact

While some great leaders are born, most have had to learn the skills necessary to take command and influence successfully. Leadership can be developed. Today’s leaders must recognize the balance needed between actions that deal with operational issues and actions that deal with the more abstract ones e.g. equipping individuals to positively influence the performance of others, or developing competence to manage change and new situations.

direction:GROWTH ensures that the learning is quickly applicable, and has an impact on leadership performance.


Provides a systematic audit of your current leaders, examining their style, capability and identifying their developmental needs

• Increases commitment to the organization and its goals

• Improves job satisfaction

• Improves working relationships with clients, direct reports, supervisors and peers

• Enhances the influence of leaders by expanding emotional intelligence and improving communication skills

• Increases the capability of your leaders to affect change

awareness. action. GROWTH