Team Coaching

Our Approach

direction:GROWTH’s team coaching model fosters growth and learning, enhances performance, and optimizes individual contribution to deliver results that affect the bottom line. Our Living Systems™ approach is designed with the focus on individual as well as collective self-discovery and learning.

Our Offering

direction:GROWTH’s approach is about empowerment. Team leaders and team members learn how to coach themselves and/or each other so that the coaching model becomes self-sustaining. This improves interaction, and its benefits to the business will deliver better results, improve team performance and enhance collaboration.

Our Impact

Today’s competitive world demands optimized team efficiency and effectiveness. They must leverage their strengths and harness the power of a single vision to deliver the demanded results.

Team members must hone the skills required to work together proficiently. Business teams must learn to identify and leverage individual strengths to maximize the contribution of each member of the team and to optimize team output. They must also have the capacity to solve problems arising from working together.

direction:GROWTH believes that the strength of the organization is dependent on the effectiveness of each member of that team. To that end, we set the context for personal growth within the organization, and for organizational growth within the person.


• Reduces the time needed for the team to become a high performing team

• Creates joint ownership and accountability

• Unites teams around a unifying purpose and confidence through clarifying expectations

• Increases commitment to success

• Promotes focus on more strategic and long-term goals

• Clarifies business objectives ensuring consistency and unity of team output

• Increases personal and team awareness of where and how to make a greater contribution

• Improves relationships among team members and within the organization

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